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Shubham Arora
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About me

I'm Shubham

I can code, I can test, I can deploy and I can scale.
I can also automate all four.

I am...

A Curious Engineer with an incessant itch to learn and best out new challenges each day. Been in love with computers and problem solving for as long as I can remember.
As of professionally, been doing it for 6 years now.

I think of myself as a Cloud+Backend Engineer, High Time Video Gamer and A Keen Basketball Player.
Prefer startups any-day over established organisations.

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My services

Backend Development

From HLD/LLD for a software to coding the designs to fruition. Building test driven mircroservices, rest-apis and all things backend.

Cloud Deployment

Suggesting best suited cloud services. Deploying webapps/microservices to cloud. Maintaining and scaling cloud infrastructure.


Leveraging services like docker, cloud, terraform, junit, karate and git to create continous integration and continous deployment pipelines.

My skills

Why this website?

This website gives credebility to my work, to my knowledge.
It is a completely server less yet secure(ssl enabled) website reponsive for both Desktop and Mobile, built using:

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS And Javascript.
  • Cloud: Aws -> Cloudfront, Route53, Certificate Manager, S3, Api Gateway, Lambda and SES.
  • The domain was bought and configured using Route 53 and ssl certificate obtained through Certificate Manager.
  • This is a static website hosted on S3 with Cloudfront's layer above it.
  • The Lambda function connected through Api Gateway sends me an email through SES, when you click on Send Message button in the Contact Me section. You can inspect the page and confirm while doing so.

Note: I did not design the frontend and just modified a prebuilt design I found online.

My skills are:

GCP 5/5
Data Structures 4.5/5
Algorithms 4.5/5
Python 4/5
Java 4/5
AWS 4/5
Terraform 4/5
Datadog 4/5
CI/CD 4/5
SQL/NoSql DB 4/5
Rest Api 4/5
Docker 3.5/5
Graphql 3.5/5
Unix 3.5/5
Golang 3.5/5
PHP 3/5

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